Benefits of early intervention

The prevention of dental disease and protection against dental anxiety in later life are key benefits that come with early and regular dental attendance. Another vital advantage is the early detection and treatment of dental issues. This can often mean minimising the amount of and length of any treatment. Early restoration of teeth with durable long lasting restorations minimises the length of time that your child spends in the dental chair. Early treatment means we hope to reduce extractions and any need for dental general anaesthetics.

Regular attendance allows us to monitor your child’s continually changing dental development and where necessary allows early intervention in conditions which are unique to growing children.

Key benefits of healthy teeth in childhood:

  • Attractive smiles will give children more confidence
  • Good, healthy teeth mean less toothache, less fillings and less extractions
  • Children need strong teeth for a nutritious diet
  • Teeth aid the development of speech
  • Good dental growth and development need healthy teeth and gums
  • Preserving primary teeth helps prevent orthodontic problems
  • Adult teeth are more likely to be decay free if a child has good baby teeth
  • The fillings and extractions children have, the less likely they are to develop anxiety or fear which will affect them in later life
  • Good oral health prevents toothache. Toothache reduces a child’s quality of life, by interfering with sleep, eating, and schooling
  • Healthy teeth help avoid bad breath
  • A healthy mouth is necessary for good general health and wellbeing in childhood
  • Saves parents time and money
  • Prevents unnecessary exposure to general anaesthetic and hospitals

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